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Welcome to Groove Jones' Cyber-Universe...

With a NEW year comes CHANGE.... - March 24, 2013

The Groove Jones Family has taken up many shapes and sizes... Rod & Joe (Duo) for the smallest of  Groove Jones Jr. (w/ Tommy Leanza on drums, Terrell "Little Beard" Henry on Keys...another FUNKY 4 piece that features "Black" Mike Smith on bass... and the BIG BAND Groove Jones... features all the FAMILY...which includes the very beautiful and talented Jasmine Scott on vocals. For the first time... this JONES feels like a family! And we couldn't be happier!!

Weekly "GROOVE": ALL AGE OPEN MIC - January 1, 2012

Groove Jones' Rod, Joe, and Tony HOST an ALL AGE open mic every Kerry's Green in Red Lion. You heard me correctly...ALL AGES and all styles!!! It's not uncommon to see a 13 year old guitar player... play "mix it up" with a 43 year old bass player, 22 year old drummer... 78 year old trumpet player!!!! ALL AGES!! All styles too!! House rhythm section, for those willing or in need!

What we're looking for (any combination of the following):

- Instrumentalists (any instrument, do you play?)
- Songwriters
- Solo Acts
- Duos
- Trios
- Bands
- Poets
- Horn Players
-Improvising Musicians.....blues, rock, funk, bluegrass....



Kerry's Green ALL AGE Open Mic w/ Rod, Joe, & Tony (from Groove Jones)
$5 Cover/Refreshments are on the house.

Kerry's Green
150 Country Club Road
Red Lion, PA 17356

The York County Music Scene - January 1, 2012

From Groove Jones Hand Percussionist, Louis "Mudgy" Woodyard Jr.

"York City and York County is blessed with many great musicians in all genres of music. We know about THE Rod Goelz creation of GROOVE JONES and Yvon Nicolas Tatafasa musical child B-TROPICAL but we have the Americana sounds of Michael S. Males and Jeff Hostetter in AMERICAN HOLLAR, cigar box sounds of Shane Speal, the soft relaxing music of Megan Woodland Donley in MEGAN AND THE WHEELMEN the revised Sax sounds of Memphis in THE BEAVER STREET BAND, the soulful mind provoking music of Marvin Collier with his SOUL EVOLUTION, and even though they are not from York County there is the music of Zig Zag and his family in BLACKHAND There are many more individual artist and bands that I have not mention. Feel free to post your act and comments. Embrace culture and support local musicianship!"

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